Conni und Co

Animated title design für children's feature film.

Wrap with Care

Christmas campaign on sustainable wrapping.


Karambolage episode on the history of Malzbier.

Für den Film

Explainer on professional acting workshop company from Hamburg.

Marc Cain 

T-shirt loops for Mccain autumn collection.

Charlotte Knobloch - Ein Leben in Deutschland

Animated dokumentary about the life of Charlotte Knobloch.

Dear Sadness

Animation music video. 

MONEY – A confused User’s Guide

Short animations for a transmedia documentary.

Inspiring Interns

Explainer on idea behind the Inspring Interns Company.

Deutscher Filmpreis

Animated openers for the German Film Award.


Animation biopics for Jüdisches Museum in Frankfurt. 

Philosophisches Kopfkino

Animated series on philosophical issues.   


Animated  exhibiton film.

Glorreichen 10

"Terra X "animation series.